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From 4 to 14 October 2008 first days of Architecture will be held in Moscow. The main idea of this event is public excursions to the most interesting architectural objects of the capital of Russia. Architects, developers and contractors will carry out such excursions to these and other places. Moreover, participants of the Days will go for bus tour to the most significant objects of modern architecture; besides, some campaigns attracting attention to the main problems will take place within the Days – it means preservation of heritage after industrial and soviet architecture. P- Arch is an initiator of Architectural Days, Alexander Kuzmin, Moscow Chief Architect, and Viktor Logvinov, President of Union of Moscow Architects, patronized this event.

Architectural Days in Moscow coincides with International Day of Architecture to be traditionally celebrated the first Monday of October. Days’ purpose – to draw attention of public, local bodies, tourists and any person who is not partial to the city’s life, to the achievements of modern architecture. Architectural Days in Moscow, carried out by P-Arch, gives to everyone a unique chance to make acquaintance with the most interesting objects of the city’s architecture.

P-Arch Agency is not aimed to show total Moscow modern architecture, it only highlights required points. These Days include three series of excursions. The first is to show the face of new Moscow architecture for the recent years – and for this purpose we start for two bus trips across the city. The first excursion – the most characteristic buildings constructed in XXI century, the second one will show new constructions of 2007-2008. Object choice is at our personal discretion, which is shared by the most of professional society.

Another direction – excursions to the objects with architects and customers. The main problem: what is the criterion to choose objects? We made a list of the most significant constructions, asked architects and developers to show us these objects. «Of cause, we wish to show as more objects as possible, to demonstrate all main trends of Moscow architecture. But, unfortunately, there are a few of Russian developers and architects ready to cooperate in such way», – Alexander Zmeul, P-Arch Director General said.

Excursions to such objects as multifunctional complex «Fusion_Park» with «Autoville» museum of retro-cars (arch. Vladimir Plotkin, TPO Reserve, developer – ««), Metropolis Mixed-use Complex and Western Gate Business Park (arch. Boris Levyant, ABD architects), ARTPLAY Design Center at the River Yauza (new center of design and architecture in the reconstructed blocks of «Manometer» plant), Federation tower (arch. and Peter Shveger) will be carried out during the Days. Each of these objects represents not only manifest architectural concept but public, social component making these constructions much more significant for the city. Guides in the person of architects, customers and contractors are ready to tell about details of construction, design and operation of the objects, and to answer questions.

The third part emphasizes the most important, to our mind, problems: industrial heritage and soviet architecture to show industrial architecture to the participants and demonstrate its capability to be adopted to modern needs. «PromoProm» will carry out an excursion to the historical industrial area «Kurskaya». It is characterized by red brick blocks of industrial complexes dated 19-20 centuries.

You may evaluate advantages of soviet architecture (from 20-th to 80-th) during excursion of «SovArch» project to one of the most utopian projects of Moscow socialistic reconstruction – along former Novokirovsky Avenue (today’s Academician Sakharov Avenue and Masha Poryvaeva Street).
Registration for free tours is available at the Web-site of Moscow Architectural Days: Detailed schedule will be announced later at the web-site and with news distribution.

P-Arch agency – young and ambitious team, speaking FROM RUSSIA WITH ARCHitecture! P-Arch – specialized consulting agency in architecture and real property. Field of activity is communication and marketing. This Agency is intended for those who design and construct, for companies considering architecture as central, and sometimes single part of activity, for those who realizes necessity to popularize its work in society. Besides P-Arch initiates projects aimed at popularization of modern architecture and increase of public interest to it, as well as supports different non-commercial projects. Projects by P-Arch include «Free Access», «PromoProm. Industrial heritage», Club of Architectural Criticism, Moscow Architectural Days.

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