The Second Architectural days will be held in Russian capital – Moscow from 3 to 12 days of April, 2009. P-Arch Agency is an initiator. The motto of spring architectural days is «Architecture is Here!». It may be assured during more than ten events – bus and pedestrian excursions in respect of modern buildings and constructions of Soviet age, actions for children and youth, during visits of architect’s offices.

The Second Architectural days in Moscow will take place from 3 to 12 days of April under the motto «Here is Architecture!». Moscow Architectural days is a unique festival organized by P-Arch. Within the festival excursions to new subjects of modern architecture will be held together with the architects and developers, actions intended for revealing interaction of old and new architecture and other events will be held. The subject of Moscow Architectural Days is to draw public, municipal, professional communities’, tourist attention and most of all, all those who is partial to city life, to achievements, challenges and origin of modern architecture.

Alexander Zmeul, P-Arch Agency Chief Director, initiator of Moscow Architectural days said: «Notwithstanding the crisis we did not hesitated whether to carry out Architectural Days in Moscow as architecture does not disappear, but interest to everything concerning city and town image has increased. That is why we say: «Here is Architecture!»

The Days will open on April 3 by presentation of «Architectural Library» Project held in Central Library No. 36 in the name of N.A. Dobrolyubov (»Dobrolyubovka») Architectural Library is a fund of books and magazines concerning architecture and regional ethnography formed by P-Arch Agency and to be handed to the library. Choice of this library as the project site is not occasional. This library is the oldest Moscow public library (Vivien Library from 1848). It is more than 50 years passed from the day when «Dobrolyubovka» was located in the house designed by a great architect – Ivan Zholtovsky – Paladian follower of Soviet architecture.

Moscow Modern Architecture may be acknowledged during three bus excursions. Two of them are initiated by «Freedom of Access» Project – the first and an only project carrying out regular excursions to the subjects of modern architecture. «Access Freedom» will carry out excursions Moscow-XXI (all variety of Moscow architecture for the last 8 years) and Modern Classic (projects of modern architects following classic style). And bus excursion will be held to the short-list subjects by «House of 2008″ Premium (in conjunction with «Made in Future» magazine). You may acknowledge creation procedure of architecture during excursions to architect’s offices – «Sergey Kiselyov and partners» and BUROMOSCOW. It is the first time when during the Architect Days we will show you suburban cottage village Vysokiy bereg (High Coast).

Starting from 2009, Moscow Architectural Days will include special projects dedicated to interaction of old and new architecture. Spring Days Special Project subject is Soviet architecture. Bus excursions «Experimental architecture of 1960-1980th in south-west of Moscow» (initiator – «SovArch.ru» Project) and «Narkomats» (Soviet ministries) dedicated to the most important and significant representative buildings of Moscow in 1930th (initiator – «New Moscow» Club) will allow to make more vivid reveal of soviet meaningful buildings peculiarities and to show the public all value of this important layer of our history. You will have an opportunity to go for pedestrian excursion to Dangauerovka – large and well-saved residential area which image reflected alterations in soviet architecture of 1930th (initiator – «New Moscow» Club). «Russian Avant-garde» Cultural Heritage Preservation Fund is the partner of such events.

One of the most important trends of Spring Architect Days in Moscow will be events for children and youth – bus excursion «Moscow XXI», architect master-class for children, and excursion for children, their parents and for any anxious under subject of «Libraries in the houses-memorials». During the excursions visitors will be represented with architectural decoration of two libraries located in the buildings of Stalin neoclassic, – Central Library No. 36 in the name of N.A. Dobrolyubov (in «House of Zholtovsky») and Child Library No.23 in the name of A.M. Gorky.

1st Moscow Architectural Days, 2008, October, 4-14.
The main idea of this event is public excursions to the most interesting architectural objects of the capital of Russia. Architects, developers and contractors was carry out such excursions to these and other places. Moreover, participants of the Days was go for bus tour to the most significant objects of modern architecture; besides, some campaigns attracting attention to the main problems will take place within the Days – it means preservation of heritage after industrial and soviet architecture. P- Arch Agency is an initiator of Architectural Days, Alexander Kuzmin, Moscow Chief Architect, and Viktor Logvinov, President of Union of Moscow Architects, patronized this event.


P-Arch Agency
P-Arch Agency – young and ambitious team, speaking FROM RUSSIA WITH ARCHitecture! P-Arch – specialized consulting agency in architecture and real property. Field of activity is communication and marketing. This Agency is intended for those who design and construct, for companies considering architecture as central, and sometimes single part of activity, for those who realizes necessity to popularize its work in society. Besides P-Arch initiates projects aimed at popularization of modern architecture and increase of public interest to it, as well as supports different non-commercial projects. Projects by P-Arch include Moscow Architectural Days (MosArchiDays), Freedom of Access (Svoboda Dostupa), Arcitectural Library, PromoProm. Industrial heritage, Club of Architectural Criticism.

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